• UNMASTERED at Mestre Projects

    UNMASTERED at Mestre Projects
  • Artist Interview: Jeffrey Meris, "Considering Art in a Time of Crisis"

    Artist Interview: Jeffrey Meris, "Considering Art in a Time of Crisis"

    I recently did an interview with Natalie Willis, Assistant Curator at The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas. I am greatly for the time to contemplate art in these times. Thank you Natalie.

  • OtherPeoplesPixels Interviews Jeffrey Meris

    OtherPeoplesPixels Interviews Jeffrey Meris

    I had the pleasure of sharing my practice with otherpeoplespixels a few days ago. Thank you, Stacia Yeapanis, for the opportunity to share my work and words, and hold space with language

  • Up and Away: Bahamasair Inflight magazine

    I am featured in Up and Away: Bahamasair Inflight magazine April- June 2020 alongside Matthew Rahming, Cydne Coleby, and Angelicka Wallace-Whitefield. Thank you Jodi Minnis for the generous review.

  • Over My Dead Body

    Over My Dead Body

    I am thrilled to share my inclusion in “Over My Dead Body” curated by Laurie Lazar and Tavares Strachan opening on 14th February 2020 Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco. I’m also excited to be in conversation with these three magnificent artist; Brooke Didonato Yerrie Choo and Christopher Thompson.

  • Let My Country Die For Me

    Let My Country Die For Me

    Please join me of the opening of Let My Country Die For Me at Hunter East Harlem.

  • NXTHVN 2020

    NXTHVN 2020

    I am thrilled to share that I am a NXTHVN studio fellow 2020! I am forever grateful to Titus Kaphar, Nico Wheadon, Sivan Amar, and the board of NXTHVN for providing me with this beautiful opportunity. I’m stoked to meet my cohort- you’re all so so amazing!- to learn more about you. I am especially excited to spend time with the apprentices. Just when I thought 2019 couldn’t get more interesting! #2020vision you’re looking great!

  • Skowhegan 2019

    Skowhegan 2019

    This summer 2019 I will be in residence at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture

  • Columbia University Commencement

    Columbia University Commencement

    Today, I graduate with my Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts from Columbia University! Thank you to the many individuals, teachers and mentors, friends and institutions that supported me to this moment in my life.

  • Columbia University MFA Thesis Exhibition

    Please join me for the opening of Columbia University MFA Thesis Exhibition April 28nd 2019 at Lenfest Center for the Arts


  • In Response: Scenes at Jewish Museum

    In Response: Scenes at Jewish Museum

    Please join me this Sunday from 6:30PM- 9PM for the opening of In Response: Scenes at the Jewish Museum, located on 1109 5th Ave at 92nd St. This one-night event features the work of 12 current MFA Visual Arts candidates and alumni of Columbia University. I will be showing a kinetic sculpture with a working title San Pye.

  • First Year MFA Exhibition

    First Year MFA Exhibition

    See you Friday 23rd March 2018 6-8PM at the First Year MFA Exhibition at Wallach Gallery, Lenfest Center for the Arts. 619 W 129 St. New York, NY, 10027

  • Medium: Practices and Routes of Spirituality and Mysticism

    If you are in Nassau, go see Medium: Practices and Routes of Spirituality and Mysticism at The National Art Gallery of the Bahamas on Dec. 14th, at 6 pm. Exhibition runs until March 11th 2018.

  • I've Made My Decision

    I've Made My Decision

    After much thought and careful consideration, I am exhilarated to share with you that I will be attending Columbia University in New York City to pursue a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts.

    I am also extremely thrilled to share with you that I was awarded the Harry C Moore Memorial Scholarship in the Arts 2017-2018 from the Lyford Cay Foundation. 

  • Caribbean Dialogues: Halle 14 on 30th April 2017

    Photo Credit: Halle 14, Leipzig | Büro for Fotografie.

  • Artist in Residence at Halle 14, Leipzig

    I'm happy to share that I will pursue an Artist in Residence at Halle 14, Leipzig, Germany from 14th April- 2nd May 2017.

  • Visual Art Center of New Jersey Residency

    I am excited to share that I will be an artist in residence this summer at the Visual Art Center of New Jersey in Summit, N.J

  • Go See Cargo!!!

    Go See Cargo brought you by renowned filmmaker Kareem Mortimer and Best Film Ever Company; premiering at Miami Film Festival Sunday 5th March 2017 @6PM.

  • Artist Talk

    Tonight, I presenting Asue: 20/20 at University of the Bahamas to Michael Edward's Art History Class Room S5 at 6:00PM.

  • Considering the African Culture: Not forgetting the Asue

    Dr. Ian Bethel Bennett writes once more in the Nassau Guardian on Asue: 20/20. Read the full article here.

  • University of the Bahamas: ENGW300 Artist Talk.

    Today, I presented Asue: 20/20 at University of the Bahamas to Dr. P. Bailey's ENGW300 Advanced Composition as Reference Material.

    --Wednesday 8th February 2017

  • NE8 Workshop: Renewed Ways of Seeing

    NE8 Workshop: Renewed Ways of Seeing

    Come to the NAGB, Saturday 11th February at 10:00AM where I will facilitate a workshop. Click here for more info.

  • University of the Bahamas ENG 108 Oral Traditions: Artist Lead Discussion

    Today I led a discussion with a group of students from Dr.Craig Smith's ENG 108 Oral Traditions Class centred around Asue: 20/20 at NAGB Project Space.

    ---Friday 3rd February 2017

  • Tribune Newspaper Feature: An artful asue

    Tribune Newspaper Feature: An artful asue

    Dr Ian Bethel Bennett writes on Asue: 20/20 in the Tribune Weekend Edition. Read more here.

  • Bush Tea Sessions: Brother to Brother, Thursday 26th January

    As a special part of programming for Asue: 20/20 I hosted two tea talk podcasts in collaboration with the NAGB. Tune into Thursday's episode where I sat with my brother Greedy and special guest Natalia.

  • Bush Tea Sessions

    This and every Thursday until February 12th please join me for Bush Tea Sessions, as a part of my installation in National Exhibition 8

  • Asue: 20/20 Opens at NAGB

    Asue: 20/20 Opens at NAGB

    As a component of the National Exhibition 8, the PS Room will house three special projects starting with Jeffrey Meris' "Asue" 20/20" from January 17 through February 12, 2017. Read more here.

  • Bahamian Artist Veronica Dorsett: Go Fund Me

    My dear friend and exceptional Bahamian Artist Veronica Dorsett is in her final semester of Emily Carr University. She needs all the help that we can give. Please go to Go Fund Me to make a donation.

  • Duo Show with Tessa Whitehead at D'Aguilar Art Foundation

    Duo Show with Tessa Whitehead at D'Aguilar Art Foundation


    The landscape as witness and record of the ruins of history; of power and surrender.

    Meris exhibits drawings and sculptures that examine the literal and physical street as a binding space for black culture and a stage for black trauma.

    Whitehead's paintings of wild landscapes are an enquiry in failure and surrender

  • In Dialogue...Gaulin Wife: She Went to the Water

    In Dialogue...Gaulin Wife: She Went to the Water

    I responded to Jodi Minnis' prolific performance Gaulin Wife: She Went to the Water as a work included in the NE8 at the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas. Click here to read the full article in: Smith+Benjamin's Weekly Newsletter. Image courtesy of Jodi Minnis.

  • Studio Visit

    Today, I spent time with L.A based Bahamian-born artist April Bey. and I am pleased to share that I will be showing a work in Los Angeles.

  • NE8: Asue 20/20 & Commission of the Queer

    Please join me December 15th 2016 at 6:00PM at the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas for the opening of the NE8. I will be showing At The Very Least, My Paper's Straight as a part of Commission of the Queer and Asue: 20/20.

  • UB: Visiting Art Critic

    Today I went back to my roots; I gave visiting critiques to Arts students of University of the Bahamas Visual Arts Department.

  • Public School Scholars Program

    I am presenting my work today to Public School Scholars Program at Grace Community Church.

  • Post: Popopstudios Fundraiser

    Post: Popopstudios Fundraiser

    Join artist of Popopstudios tonight as we open Post, a collective fundraising show for Hurricane Matthew recovery of infrastructure at Popop. I will be showing a series of drawing installations.

  • Bahamas National Youth Award Honoree

    Thursday 20th October 2016, I will be presented with a medal by Governor-General of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas Dame Marguerite Pindling for youth accomplishment in Arts and Culture in the Bahamas.

  • 2 x 4 Publications

    I recently wrote an article that will be featured in 2 x 4 Publications. Want to know what it's all about? Stay tuned for more info.

  • Eight National Exhibition: National Art Gallery of The Bahamas

    I'm excited to share that I will be exhibiting a work in the NE8 at the NAGB! Stay tuned.

  • Central Bank of The Bahamas Artist Videos

    Check out this video produced by The Central bank of the Bahamas Art Gallery in collaboration with Tatiana Cleare of Ox Studios Production.

  • Blank Canvas Radio Appearance

    Blank Canvas Radio Appearance

    Today I will appear on NAGB Blank Canvas Radio Show on 96.6 Guardian Talk Radio hosted by guest host chief curator of the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas Holly Bynoe, artist and curator Jodi Minnis and artist and educator to be Nowé Harris-Smith. The show will air at 6:30PM on 96.9 Guardian Talk. Follow this link for more information and access to tuning into the show online.

  • Simone Leigh: Waiting Room, Self Care and Mindfulness Interview with Ladi'Sasha

    Check out this quick interview I did with Ladi'Sasha Jones during my visit to Simone Leigh's Waiting Room at the New Museum. Thank You, Shaun Leonardo for the invite! This is a very exciting project. A work that lends a new way of experiencing, seeing and healing. Go be with it!

    Care Session Exit Interview
    In an interview with R&D Fellow Ladi'Sasha Jones, museum visitor Jeffrey Meris shares his thoughts on affirming self-care in a time of violence and reflections on attending the Guided Meditation for Black Lives Matter Care Session. Read their conversation below:
    LSJ: What brought you to today’s morning meditation?
    JM: You guys are aware of what's been happening throughout the country. I’ve felt this almost hazard within my own body and my own presence and I’ve just been posting a lot on Facebook about the need to have a safe space to let this energy out and communalize around these issues.

    Me and Shaun Leonardo (Manager of School, Youth, and Community Programs) are friends on Facebook and he shared this and I was like, ‘Whoa this is cool.’ This is exactly what I needed. And so that’s how I got here.
    LSJ: How was your experience? What are your thoughts and reflections on the session?
    JM: All in all it was great. It was good just being in a space of clarity. You know, creating white noise almost. My mind became blank of everything happening around me in thinking about these mantras over and over and over and just trying to focus on letting in good energy.
    LSJ: What other practices of self-care are you engaging in during this time, particularly thinking about the themes of the exhibition?
    JM: You know, it might seem kind of benign or even lame a little bit, but just engaging in social media and letting my brothers and sisters know that, ‘hey it's a rough time but you're beautiful. I love you and I appreciate you.’ Just reminding people the way we’re portrayed in the media as always being down or with the body just being so easy to take away, that we're more than just that.
    #TheWaitingRoom #SimoneLeigh #Meditation #BlackLivesMatter #JeffreyMeris #LadiSashaJones

    Originally posted to Facebook by Ladi'Sasha Jones.

  • We in Here!

    Happy to share that I've been admitted in Vermount Studio Center for the Winter Residency Program!

  • Made Here

    Made Here

    As our residency ends, come help myself, Austin Thomas and Tai Hwa Goh say au wiedersehen to our good friends at Guttenberg Arts with our final group show, Made Here. Guttenberg Arts is easily accessible from New York City by taking the 156,159X (most preferably) or 159 New Jersey Transit buses from Gate 200 Port Authority Bus Terminal on 42 nd Street & 8 Ave and getting off at Bergenline Ave and 70th Street in New Jersey. Make a left onto 70th headed West. Walk for two minutes until you reach Jackson Street. Make a left onto Jackson. The address is 6903 Jackson Street, Guttenberg, NJ, 07093. See you there rain, snow or sunshine!

  • They Coming: Press Release

    The sponge is porous, walls permeable. They Coming is the product of Jeffrey Meris’ continued investigation and interest with economies of migration, real estate, bodies, space and identity. Through the use of constructed, found, ready-made and assembled objects, Meris alludes to a certain level of geopolitical permeability. They Coming is heavily shaped by Meris’ upbringing as a migrant from Haiti -living in the Bahamas- where ‘they coming’ more than often was a derogatory slur to both indict the peasant like status of Haitian migrants and also reinforce the sub-humaness of that community. ‘They’ assumes an ambiguous identity fluxing between the luxury tourist, the alien or the immigration officer. Coming from where? Going to where?

  • They Coming

    They Coming

    Hey Yal! My solo show opens tomorrow at 6PM at Guttenberg Arts! If you're in the New york area, it is easily accessible by taking the NJ Transit #159 or 156 from Gate 200 out of Port Authority Bus Terminal to 70th St and Bergenline Avenue. It is a twenty-minute commute from Midtown Manhattan. Come check out what I've been up to!

  • Studio Visit with Kareem Mortimer!

    This Saturday, I had the opportunity to have the amazing filmmaker, writer, playwright and artist Kareem Mortimer as a visiting critic. Check out more about Kareem and his work by going to www.bestfilmever.com

  • Guttenberg Arts: 2nd Annual Braddock Park Art Festival

    Guttenberg Arts: 2nd Annual Braddock Park Art Festival

    Come check out Guttenberg Arts: 2nd Annual Braddock Park Art Festival this Sunday 12nd June 2016 from 9am- 6pm. There are live demos and art installations happening all day. The fair is easily accesible by taking the 156 or 159 New Jersey Transit buses from Port Authority Bus Terminal and getting off at Bergenline Ave and 82nd Street. See you there rain, snow or sunshine!

  • Guttenberg A.I.R Visiting Critic

    Today I am very happy to welcome Nera Lerner director of Danzinger Gallery as a visiting critic. Looking forward to a productive studio visit.

  • For Harriet, MLK and The Millions We Will Never Forget!


  • Chicago!

    A few months ago, I decided to leave the safety of my 9-5 and pursue my career- however financially unpredictable at this stage of my life- full time. As the prequel to this transition, I am visiting Chicago from 14th- 19th April 2016. Photos to come soon!

  • Artist for Haiti

    Please join Temple Project Haiti this Friday for our fourth annual edition of Artist for Haiti. This event is being brought to you by Temple Project Haiti, GraysonSky, East End Salon and curatorial support from Jeffrey Meris. For more info please follow this link.

  • Guttenberg Space and Time Artist Residency

    I am excited to share that I am participating in Guttenberg Space and Time Artist in Residence Program from 2nd May- 31st July 2016 in Guttenberg, New Jersey.